"What is most striking about Carolyn Johnson's photographs is that they don't look like photographs. They look like abstract paintings.....So skillfully has Johnson embraced the abstract forms and the dazzling light, the brilliant whites, and the stonewash and cretin blues that the parent forms pale. What remains are intellectually intriguing compositions of color and shape that evoke feelings of intimacy, expectation, beauty and quiet. They speak to the soul, making you wish you were there, having that moment, knowing that clarity, feeling the mystery and absorbing the sheer beauty. While powerful, her compositions remain intimate in some way - like a whispered suggestion, a suggestion that inspires warmth, tranquility and an affinity with the light."

- Kathleen A. Douglas


In this first book by Carolyn Johnson, she presents 20 stunning abstract architectural images from Greece. To order a copy, please see Purchase Information.


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